[tex-k] HyperTeX tags

Reinhard Kotucha reinhard.kotucha at web.de
Tue Feb 28 00:51:15 CET 2006

  > how do I force ps2pdf to create real named destinations
  > in the produced PDFs?

I must admit that I didn't follow the whole tread, hence I do not
understand the problem.

However, since PostScript does not support hyperlinks, Adobe added a
new primitive /pdfmark to PostScript which allows you to insert PDF
code into PostScript files.




It's described in Adobe TechNote 5150:

   pdfmark Reference Manual
   #5150   11/16/99   [48](PDF: 511 KB / 98 pages)

but Google resists to tell me the URL. 

  > what is the reason for creating a target spanning some text,
  > instead of marking just a spot on a page?

  > Are you sure there is any reason?  I would speculate that this was
  > inherited from HTML, where you can say <a name="foo">some text</a>
  > even though it is effectively equivalent (afaik) to <a
  > name="foo"></a>some text

If you say <a name="foo">some text</a> then "some text" is highlighted
and people can click on it.

If you say <a name="foo"></a>some text then there is still a hyperlink
but how can it be accessed?

But this is the source, not the target.  The target can be just a spot
on a page.  Does a target really span some text?  Isn't it just
\label{foo} in LaTeX?


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