[tex-k] bug dvips

Karl Berry karl at freefriends.org
Tue Jan 10 23:06:08 CET 2006

    But if I use the "figure" environment (removing the comments) then the 
    file gastex.pro is not included by dvips in the ps file 

This sounds to me like the {figure} environment is causing the \special
to be lost, oddly enough.  I can't quite imagine it. 

In any case, the first question is whether there is a special command in
the dvi file.  If so, then it's a dvips problem.  If not, then it's a
latex problem.  Can you run latex with the {figure} uncommented, and
then run dvitype on the resulting .dvi, and see if the special is there?

Another way to do it would be to run dvips -d-1 foo.dvi on both the good
and the bad dvi's, and see what the differences are.  E.g., if it does
not even try to look up gastex.pro in the bad case, then the special
probably isn't there.


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