[tex-k] Feature requests: otf/ttf, font expansion

Arthur Reutenauer Arthur.Reutenauer at ens.fr
Sun Jan 15 01:18:01 CET 2006

> Did someone try to use a Type42 font with dvips?

  I did so a while ago without experiencing any particular problems.
Actually, I don't remember using a Type 42 font directly, because I was
experimenting with the CID-keyed TTF-based PostScript font format (in
order to use free CJK fonts I had converted from TTF), that is a CID Font
with CIDFontType 2 (also called FontType 11, apparently), and, in that
latter case, some PostScript prologue file from dvips had to be edited so
that it did not try to reencode the font (which it, apparently, did want
to do in some way, even without ReencodeFont in the map file) when
finding a font with FontType 0, but that was completely straightforward
once I found the code involved.

  Anyway, the font file could be included all right, but, obviously, not
subsetted because of the lack of code handling Type 42, and the
PostScript file produced by dvips, though quite big because of the whole
CJK font, seemed OK to me (at least gs/gv worked all right; I did not try
any other interpreter). I even remembered dvips telling me about starting
the t1 module when including the font, but it probably did not do
anything to it.

  Unfortunately, I lost track of all those experiments, because the
unability of subsetting Type 42 and the like made the result quite
unusable, so, obviously, I am very interested in having dvips able to
subset a TTF font and include it as a Type 42 font in PostScript file.


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