[tex-k] Possible bug in pdfetexk (re \hoffset)?

Philip TAYLOR P.Taylor at Rhul.Ac.Uk
Fri Jan 27 19:17:16 CET 2006

Dear all -- The following preamble produces a correctly
centered letter using TeX, but PdfTeX appears to offset
everything by about 1,5 em (see commented-out \advance
at-end).  A sample document follows.

Philip Taylor
% letter-macros

\def \from {\leftskip = 0 pt plus 1 fill \parskip = 0 ex \obeylines}
\def \to {\rightskip = 0 pt plus 1 fill \parskip = 0 ex \obeylines}
\def \body {}
\def \blockquote {\vskip \parskip \leftskip = 3 em \rightskip = 0 ex 
plus 1 fill \parskip = 0 ex \obeylines}
\def \signature {\vskip 3\parskip}

\magnification \magstep 1
\parindent = 0 em
\parskip = 3 ex

\hsize = 210 true mm
\vsize = 297 true mm

\hoffset= 1 true in
\voffset = 1 true in
\globaldefs = 1
\pdfpagewidth = \hsize
\pdfpageheight = \vsize
\advance \hsize by -2\hoffset
\advance \vsize by -2\voffset

% \advance \hoffset by -1,5 em
\input letter-macros

in Eltham
Postcode suppressed

David \& Kate Alexander,
in Scotland
Postcode suppressed

Dear Sir/Madam --

Thank you very much for your e-mail of 25th inst., offering
an $18'' \times 18''$ parchment fragment for GBP xx-yy.  I
enclose my cheque for GBP yy-zz as agreed, and would be
grateful if the parchment could be sent to my office address :

     Philip Taylor
     Room 106, Computer Centre
     Royal Holloway, University of London
     Egham Hill, Egham
     Surrey TW20 0EX

Very many thanks in advance :
Philip Taylor

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