[tex-k] Bug#358330: Re: Bug#358330: [tex-live] KPSE_DOT in fmtutil: Why set to `pwd`?

Hilmar Preusse hille42 at web.de
Fri Jul 21 15:29:34 CEST 2006

tags 358330 + fixed-upstream

On 15.07.06 Karl Berry (karl at freefriends.org) wrote:

Hi Karl,

>     This next patch does the job correctly.  An alternative, simpler,
>     patch follows below, which does not remove the empty path element.
> I installed the first of your two alternative patches, the one
> which does remove the empty path elements.  Why not.
> I also restored /. before the $TETEXDIR in the definition of
> TEXMFCNF in TeX Live's texmf.cnf.
Thank you!

For now I'm tagging the bug as fixed in upstream in our BTS. Hope,
this is OK.

sigmentation fault

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