[tex-k] [tex-live] make = gmake?

Martin Schröder martin at oneiros.de
Fri Jul 28 20:03:02 CEST 2006

TeXlive already needs gmake because of freetype2, i.e. XeTeX:
configuring in freetype2
running /bin/sh ../../../libs/freetype2/configure
--prefix=/home/ms/tex/source/inst --datadir=/home/ms/tex/source/inst
--with-xdvi-x-toolkit=xaw --enable-gif
--cache-file=../.././config.cache --srcdir=../../../libs/freetype2
GNU make (>= 3.79.1) or makepp (>= 1.19) is required to build FreeType2.
Please try
  `GNUMAKE=<GNU make command name> ../../../libs/freetype2/configure'.
or >&2
  `GNUMAKE="makepp --norc-substitution" ../../../libs/freetype2/configure'.
configure: error: ../../../libs/freetype2/configure failed for freetype2
configure: error: ../../libs/configure failed for libs
    0m39.53s real     0m0.49s user     0m29.55s system
This on a stock OpenBSD 3.9


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