[tex-k] bug in dvips 5.95b?

Tsong-Min Wu ntut019 at ntu.edu.tw
Sat May 20 15:15:21 CEST 2006

I am using MiKTeX under Window XP.
The current stable version is MiKTeX 2.4, with dvips 5.94b.
The current beta version is MiKTeX 2.5 beta 7, with dvips 5.95b.

Typesetting a Chinese book (301 pages) with MiKTeX 2.5 beta 7
(with dvips 5.95b), the result is:

PS file size: 38.99 mb
PDF files size: 4.18 mb (with ps2pdf)

Using MiKTeX 2.4 (dvips 5.94b), the result is:

PS file size: 25.63 mb
PDF file size: 4.00 mb

Checking into the .PS file from dvips 5.95b,
I find several lines of, e.g.,

%%BeginFont: CWTEX-M0

This is the font name of a particular Chinese font.
I think when running dvips 5.95b, some Chinese fonts are loaded
to the .PS file several times. While for the .PS file from dvips 5.94b, 
there is only one occurrence of the above line.
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