[tex-k] Font cache problem

Anthony Stone ajs1 at cam.ac.uk
Wed Nov 1 13:49:36 CET 2006

At 19:16 on 31 October, Karl Berry wrote:

 > (Sorry for the delayed reply.)
 >     Shouldn't the generated font files be placed in /var/cache/fonts, and
 >     not regenerated on every run when they're not in the current directory?
 > That's the intent, yes.
 > The only thing I can think of is that perhaps your assignment of
 > /var/cache/fonts was not effective for some reason.  Running
 > kpsewhich -var-value=VARTEXFONTS might show something.

Gives /var/cache/fonts as expected.

 > Also, when the files are generated, the exact command line should be
 > shown.  Running that command directly from the shell with something like
 >   sh -vx mktexwhatever ...
 > should show a lot of information about what things are getting set to
 > what.

It seems to find /var/cache/fonts but then over-rides it for some reason.

 > Also, you are probably better off using type1 fonts than these bitmap
 > fonts in the first place.  Incorporating the cm-super package into your
 > installation will give you that, if you don't already have it.

That seems a good idea. It's somewhat non-trivial, though, as it
advises (for teTeX) modifying the updmap file, which doesn't exist on
my (SuSE 9.3) system. I tried modifying updmap.cfg with additional Map
lines for the cm-super files, having first run texhash so that the map
files would be found, and then updmap ran successfully. However
pdflatex now reports duplicate entries in pdftex.map. For example:

$ grep tbsr10 /var/lib/texmf/fonts/map/pdftex/updmap/pdftex.map
tbsr10 SFBSR10 "TS1Encoding ReEncodeFont" <cm-super-ts1.enc <sfbsr10.pfb
tbsr10 tbsr10 < tbsr10.pfb

Similarly with the eb fonts. So I should modify updmap.cfg so that it
ignores the older versions, but I don't see how to do that. Advice
would be gratefully received.

Thanks for the help so far.

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