[tex-k] Font cache problem

Anthony Stone ajs1 at cam.ac.uk
Thu Nov 2 13:21:03 CET 2006

At 16:07 on 1 November, Karl Berry wrote:

 >     It seems to find /var/cache/fonts but then over-rides it for some reason.
 > What is the output from the sh -vx?  Can you send it?  (Gzipped or
 > something to avoid corruption.)

Attached as .gz.

However I have discovered that my original problem is due to having
in the class file that I was using. When I remove this, pdflatex no
longer invokes mktextfm to make the ecrm1200 font files. It's
presumably obsolete now anyway. (It had been there for a long time.)

 >     advises (for teTeX) modifying the updmap file, which doesn't exist on
 > They mean updmap.cfg, I'm sure.  updmap is the script itself.
 >     tbsr10 tbsr10 < tbsr10.pfb
 > I don't know where that line would have come from.  My only idea is to
 > run find -type f | xargs grep tbsr10.*tbsr10.pfb\$ on your texmf trees,
 > and see where it shows up.  Hopefully somewhere.  And then you could
 > disable that Map line.

That works, and shows that the duplicated lines came from cmbright.map.
Disabling that entry cures the problem. I do use cmbright for some
purposes, but it seems to get picked up from somewhere else.

Thanks again for your very helpful advice.

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