[tex-k] dvips: BeginPaperSize in postscript DSC

Jean-François Mertens jfm at core.ucl.ac.be
Wed Nov 15 08:11:21 CET 2006

On 15 Nov 2006, at 13:06, pierre.mackay wrote:

> Jean-François Mertens wrote:
>> On 14 Nov 2006, at 11:58, pierre.mackay wrote:
> Mr. Mertens raises a legitimate question, but it is out of our  
> control.  Documents in Computer Modern exclusively can hope
> to be absolutely archival but, I suspect, only if they abjure the  
> use of type1 fonts altogether.  Documents in New Times Roman, or
> any other proprietary font, can pray, and perhaps hope, to be  
> archival in the sense that Knuth intended, but they are at the
> mercy of commercial taste.
Pierre :
I would think they should not be completely out of our control _ as  
long as users stick with embedding all fonts_,
provided we can reach an agreement with the gs people that they will  
continue to recognize one or 2 very well
defined ps formats (say Adobe2 as in use by dvips till now, and  
whatever spec of Adobe3) for the time being.
And, as long as we stick we a couple of very well defined and  
recognised specs, in a couple of decades,
I would think it is quite reasonable to hope that if gs (or  
successor) no longer wants to support some input format,
we'll get translators from the old ones to the newer ones.
After all, it is eg ghostscript's basic role to translate ps input do  
different output devices _ so the output device
could be just "current ps"

And of course _ when "current ps" ends, we're all dead ...

But I would think it is important to get in contact with the gs  
people in this respect...



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