[tex-k] landscape/seascape

Dan.Gildea at cs.rochester.edu Dan.Gildea at cs.rochester.edu
Sun Nov 19 18:11:17 CET 2006

It has always bothered me that when I make slides using the
seminar package, they show up upside down in gv.

The dvips page at http://www.radicaleye.com/dvips.html 
gives instructions for fixing this problem by setting 
landplus90 to true.  But why isn't this the default

Running latex and dvips -Ppdf on the following document

   \special{! TeXDict begin /landplus90{true}store end }

I get the following behavior with different viewers:

		w/o special	w/ special
ps	gv	upside-down	ok
	evince	sideways	sideways

after running ps2pdf I get:

pdf	gv	sideways	ok
	evince	ok		ok
	acroread ok		ok
	xpdf	ok 		ok

This is on fedora core 5: dvips 5.95a, gv 3.6.1, gs 8.15.2,
xpdf 3.01, evince 0.5.1, pdfeTeX 3.141592-1.21a-2.2.

Would it be safe to make 
 /landplus90 { true } def 
the default in the dvips init files?


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