[tex-k] dvips, updmap, and Type 42 fonts

Eddie Kohler kohler at cs.ucla.edu
Mon Sep 18 08:13:18 CEST 2006

Hi all,

I'm trying to grope towards a useful, automatic workflow for TrueType font 
installation via the LCDF typetools.  I think I may need some buyin/discussion 
from updmap, dvips, and the teTeX core, thus this mail.

Here's the current situation.
- pdftex can read TrueType fonts directly, subset them and include them in PDF 
output (but not DVI output).  pdftex CANNOT read Type 42 fonts.
- dvips can presumably read Type 42 fonts (= TT in a PS wrapper; dvips cannot 
subset Type 42s).

This distinction complicates life for a tool that wants to support pdftex and 
dvips simultaneously.  There are 2 good solutions, I think:

1. dvips learns how to read TT fonts and convert them to T42.

2. Different map files are installed for pdftex and dvips.  FOr TrueType font 
named T, the pdftex map file will include "<<T.ttf", where the dvips map file 
will include "<<T.t42".

It would be nicer to do 1, but easier to do 2.  So some questions.

* What is a preferred syntax for adding "pdftex-only" and "dvips-only" lines 
to fonts.map?  Would you like a patch?

* It would be great if dvips could find t42 fonts automatically.  Currently I 
don't think it looks in fonts/type42/.

Thanks so much for reading this, looking forward to replies.

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