[tex-k] texmf.in incorrect for non"k"-xdvi?

Joel Reicher joel at panacea.null.org
Fri Jan 19 04:29:06 CET 2007

The template for texmf.cnf, called texmf.in, contains the following lines

% support non"k"-xdvi:
PKFONTS.XDvi    = .:$TEXMF/%s:$VARTEXFONTS/pk/{%m,modeless}//
VFFONTS.XDvi    = .:$TEXMF/%s
PSHEADERS.XDvi  = .:$TEXMF/%q{dvips,fonts/type1}//
TEXPICTS.XDvi   = .:$TEXMF/%q{dvips,tex}//

These lines appear after the ones which aren't application-specific,
however, and don't take effect when xdvi reads the config file.

Moving them to an earlier spot in the file fixes the problem.


	- Joel

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