[tex-k] possible bug in eTeX related to \savinghyphcodes

Vladimir Volovich vvv at vsu.ru
Mon Jun 11 10:36:17 CEST 2007


it seems there might me a bug in eTeX related to \savinghyphcodes.

consider the following file, init.tex:

\input plain




generate a format file with it:

pdftex -ini -etex init.tex

now, run the following:

pdftex \&init test.tex 

where test.tex is:




a bbbabbbabbbabbb bbbabbbabbbabbb
{\language=2 bbbabbb}.
bbbabbbabbbabbb bbbabbbabbbabbb

a bbbabbbabbbabbb bbbabbbabbbabbb
{\language=2 bbbabbb}
bbbabbbabbbabbb bbbabbbabbbabbb


there are two paragraphs in the text, the only difference is that the
first one has a period after a group.

in the first paragraph, however, eTeX does not find any hyphenation
points after the group, but it does find them in the second paragraph
where there is no dot.

this behavior looks like a bug. in particular, when i try to use the
\savinghyphcodes feature, i get no hyphenation in the rest of a
paragraph after temporarily switching to some language for which there
was a \savinghyphcodes. i don't know why it is triggered by the
presence of a period, - i just noticed that in the absense of a period
(or maybe any other non-space character) the bug disappears; but if
the group is followed by a non-space character such as a period, the
bug is present.


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