[tex-k] In need of a wizard

Achim Blumensath blumensath at mathematik.tu-darmstadt.de
Thu Mar 15 14:44:28 CET 2007


Martin Schröder wrote:
> 2007/3/15, Achim Blumensath <blumensath at mathematik.tu-darmstadt.de>:
> >BTW: I was unable to find the latest releases of kpathsea and web2c on
> >CTAN. Where are they available nowadays?
> In the TeXLive sources.

Of course this leads to the next question: where do I find the sources
of the latest TeXLive release? They are not on CTAN. Are they only
included in the iso-image?

I know that I can get the current development version from SVN, but I'm
interested in the last release.

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