[tex-k] Disruptive bug in TeXlive2007 on Solaris

Michael E. Thomadakis miket at mikefire1.tamu.edu
Fri May 18 18:11:10 CEST 2007


I installed the latest TeXlive2007 from the tl2007 DVD as root with umask 022 
on my Sparc and AMD64 solaris workstations and both appear to have a 
disruptive bug:

All tex binaries before doing any useful work start scanning the entire 
colletion of my filesystems (on Solaris AMD64 the use "access()" syscall and 
on Sparc the "stat()" one) and they take extremely long times.

It seems that the symptoms started appearing when I used tecxconfig-sys to 
change the defaults in my systems (printer paper to USletter and the like). 
Nothing else was done to cusomize the installation either manual or via the 
'xxx-sys' binaries.

Note that the TexLive2005 distribution on Solaris has no problem of this 
nature. Please take a look at this problem

Thanks for your help
Michael Thomadakis

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