[tex-k] TL build system - two problems

Karl Berry karl at freefriends.org
Fri Mar 14 00:11:19 CET 2008

    (1) t1lib version:
    libs/README and libs/t1lib/configure.in say 5.0.2, but libs/t1lib/t1lib.h
    says 5.0.1.

It would seem the t1lib maintainer forget to update the .h file?
Or whoever did the merge into TL (me?) didn't get it right.

    BTW: the current version is 5.1.2

I'm not surprised.  It is scary and painful pulling in the third party
packages, especially the libraries.  What is it that actually uses
t1lib?  xdvi?  (Sorry, can't easily check myself right now.)

    man/ -- not needed (except for rebuilding pdftex.man from pdftex.m4?)

That's a question for Martin.  Seems sensible to me.

    mpdir/, omegafonts/ -- these two are needed

mpdir needs discussion with Taco.  I don't know that he can or wants to
include [r]depend.mk, given his standalone build tree.

omegafonts -- yes, we should add it there.  I'm not sure if rdepend.mk
will work without changes, but we should give it a try.  Feel free to do
so, or I will when I have a chance.


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