[tex-k] problems with dvips search paths....

Andrew Komornicki komornic at sbcglobal.net
Wed Aug 12 06:58:20 CEST 2009

Karl and Friends, 

after many years of using TeX and friends I have found that dvips under 
TeXlive has changed.  Specifically for many years when invoked as, 

  dvips -P foo bar.dvi 

would invoke the printer configuration file config.foo  
In ALL of these cases I place the file config.foo in my current working 
directory, so that dvips would find it.  It has been my understanding that 
searching the present working directory, PWD should take precedence over 
all other search paths. 

 As far as I can tell, now under TeXlive, dvips is no longer able to 
find the file config.foo  Some months ago I installed TeXlive 2008 on 
my Windows machine, as well as more recently under TeXlive 2007 on my 
Fedora installation.  Please advise if I am doing something silly, but 
I have checked both, the this behavior is reproducible.  Previous 
installation with teTeX do not show this behavior.  
Please tell me where I should put config.foo in order that dvips will find


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