[tex-k] (g)make check problems with absolute paths: texk/xdvik, libs/t1lib

Nikola Lečić nikola.lecic at anthesphoria.net
Fri Dec 11 12:21:14 CET 2009


With sources built with TL_CONFIGURE, TL_WORKDIR and TL_INSTALL_DEST
set as absolute disjunct paths, (g)make check will fail in two places,
libs/t1lib and texk/xdvik. (This happens with r16326 on FreeBSD, but the
issue is obviously unrelated to the version and OS.)

1. In libs/t1lib, config.status creates a wrong symlink for
lib/t1lib/t1lib.h if $srcdir begins with '/', like this:

   lib/t1lib/t1lib.h -> t1lib.h

so gmake check fails with

   gmake[1]: stat: lib/../lib/t1lib/t1lib.h: Too many levels of
   symbolic links

This gives the expected result:

----------------------------------- >8 ---------------------------------
Index: libs/t1lib/configure
--- libs/t1lib/configure	(revision 16326)
+++ libs/t1lib/configure	(working copy)
@@ -6063,7 +6063,6 @@
     # Try a relative symlink, then a hard link, then a copy.
     case $srcdir in
-    [\\/$]* | ?:[\\/]* ) ac_rel_source=$ac_source ;;
 	*) ac_rel_source=$ac_top_build_prefix$ac_source ;;
     ln -s "$ac_rel_source" "$ac_file" 2>/dev/null ||
----------------------------------- >8 ---------------------------------

2. As for texk/xdvik, Test 10 (expand_filename()) fails because
__FILE__ is something beginning with '/', so appending it to currpath
naturally gives a wrong path. Other tests pass. For example, if you set
these absolute and disjunct paths


we have:

  currpath  = /B/texk/xdvik/tests
  __FILE__  = /A/texk/xdvik/tests/test_string_utils.c
  testpath1 = /A/texk/xdvik/tests/test_string_utils.c
  testpath2 = /A/texk/xdvik/tests/test_string_utils.c

I am not sure about intentions here, so maybe it is ok just to exclude
this test if, say, Makefile's VPATH begins with '/'.

Nikola Lečić = Никола Лечић
fingerprint : FEF3 66AF C90E EDC3 D878  7CDC 956D F4AB A377 1C9B
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