[tex-k] bld-test-1.1

Karl Berry karl at freefriends.org
Wed Feb 4 20:52:45 CET 2009


    2. I'd very much appreciate if you could categorize all directories
    libs/*/, utils/*/, and texk/*/ currently in the TL tree:

I made a first pass through the README's.  Still lots of unknowns in
libs and texk, I'm afraid.

If there is a url given, that's for upstream (as best I know).  Not all
of the packages are actually maintained actively upstream, though, so
I don't think we need to worry about keeping every single such package
pristine.  The important thing is to handle the packages that are
actively changing, like (say) dvipdfmx and xdvik.

utils/dialog is an exception.  There is a (more recent) upstream, but
unless we want to go through a lot of testing and merging (I don't), we
should just keep ours.  It gets the job done.  It is only used in
texconfig, afaik.

If you need more specific information about any given package, let me
know, and/or ask on tex-live.  In particular, the pdftex/luatex
developers know better than me about which libraries are used by which
engines and whether they were locally modified.


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