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Richard David Sherman <rdsherman at roadrunner.com> writes:

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> Hi Richard,

>     What line do I need my ~.Xresouces file, so that xdvi, without a dvi
>     file specified, will open its small file dialog box in some place
>     other than the upper left corner?

> Hmm, I've never seen that.  What I have is simply:
> XDvi*geometry: -0-0
> but my dialog boxes open in the middle of the xdvi window.

> The man page says:

>        -geometry geometry
>               (.geometry) Specifies the initial geometry of the  main  window,
>               as  described  in the X(7x) man page. The geometry of child win-
>               dows can be set separately, e.g.:
>               xdvi*helpwindow.geometry: 600x800

> which doesn't tell us what the name of other subwindows are.  Sigh.

The only way to find out about these is good ol' editres, I'm afraid.

In the Xaw version, it's not a subwindow, but a toplevel widget called
xdvi -xrm "xdviSelFile.geometry: -1-1"

In the Motif version, it's a widget "file_popup" of of class
xdvi -xrm "xdvi*file_popup.geometry: -1-1"

However, in my tests the Motif dialog box seemed to ignore the
geometry parameter for some reason ...

Best regards,

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