[tex-k] bld-test-1.1

Karl Berry karl at freefriends.org
Thu Jan 29 01:40:03 CET 2009

Hi Peter,

    5. There is, however, the following problem: for an uninstalled library one
    has to AC_SUBST, e.g., FOO_INCLUDES='-I${top_srcdir}/../../libs/foo' and
    FOO_LIBS='${top_builddir}/../../lib/foo/libfoo.la' whereas for configure
    tests one needs FOO_INCLUDES="-I$srcdir/../../libs/foo" and

Can you explain why?  
Or maybe it would be easier to understand in the context of a test

Anyway, FWIW, just looking at your two choices on the face of it:

    Of course, one could use different names for these two sets of variables,
    but that might confuse the user.

    Or one can arrange that the value of these variables is changed
    immediately before configure creates config.status which in turn
    creates Makefile et.al.

Playing games with what is in config.status sounds distinctly
unappealing.  Having different names for the variables might be ugly and
confusing, but it sounds far less intrusive ...

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