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That was a very long time ago, and when I need Arabic Script now I use ArabTeX. 

But ArabTeX got problems: 

>>>>>>>>>>>>>> It might be worth encouraging this offer. 

1- You can not have RTL tabular 

2- There are problems with color and hyperref 

and lots of other problems 

It would be nice to fix TeX--XeT limitations, but I need some help. do you know who could possibly help me a bit with WEB programming? There is a modified version of TeX ( tex.ch ) that I am sending to you and I think it would be nice to put these extensions into TeX--XeT (ofcourse you can have a look at that and tell me what you think). It fixes all the limitations and bugs of TeX--XeT. If these extension could get into a format on CTAN, then all people could benefit from it. 

About RTL tables, I could do it with macros. If you look at v1.0.2 of the bidi package most of the LaTeX tabular packages, you can typeset RTL tables. 

You are welcome to see what you can do with TeX--XeT so far as I am concerned, but I am effectively retired. 

With all best wishes, 

Thanks but could you please if you have got time look at this tex.ch file and tell me what you think about it? 

Thanks heaps 

Best wishes, 
Vafa Khalighi 

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