[tex-k] lcdf-typetools and TeX live

Peter Breitenlohner peb at mppmu.mpg.de
Mon Mar 2 15:36:17 CET 2009

Hi Eddie,

I am in the process of restructuring the TeX live build system.  The main
difference for your lcdf-typetools (and other independently maintained
packages such as dvipng) is, that they are configured at a time when
kpathsea (and the other libraries from the TL tree) are already configured
and built.  Consequently, they can test features of libkpathsea from the TL
tree in the same way as for an installed version.

Thus in future we can essentially just replace the whole texk/lcdf-typetools
directory with a newer version, indeally without any additional changes.

(Somewhat preliminary, I'd like to add some more M4-quoting and to avoid the
use of changequote).

I have just modified your lcdf-typetools-2.75 such that this can be done,
you can find the modified version as
or as part of
(Note: testlive, not texlive).

I'd appreciate any comments and/or criticisms.


A few remarks:

I have moved AC_CXX_TEMPLATE_OBJS to m4/ac_cxx_template_objs.m4, and
modified it such that autoconf doesn't complain.  This macro has disappeared
from the autoconf macro archive and is claimed to be obsolete.  As far as I
can see this doesn't (fully) apply to the way you use it.

ac/lcdf-typetools.ac contains a configure.ac fragment, that is also used
at the top-level of the TL tree, ac/withenable.ac is used to plug
lcdf-typetools.ac into the TL build system.

Furthermore I have corrected a typo in the t1rawafm.1 manpage.

Apart from that, the only changed files are configure.ac and
{,*}/Makefile.am, all originals are kept with the suffix .orig.

Please let me know if these *.orig files can be dropped.


A final remark:

The configure generated by autoconf from configure.ac is slightly different
when lcdf-typetools is or is not part of the TL tree (presence or absence of
the option --with-system-kpathsea).

Peter Breitenlohner <peb at mppmu.mpg.de>

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