[tex-k] New tl build process (fwd)

Taco Hoekwater taco at elvenkind.com
Wed Mar 4 13:36:42 CET 2009

Peter Breitenlohner wrote:
>>> whereas I'd (mildly) prefer
>>>     #ifdef WIN32
>>>     #undef __STDC__
>>>     #define __STDC__ 1
>>>     #endif /* not WIN32 */
>> But that won't rid the terminal of gcc warning messages as it will
>> just trigger a different one.
> Oops, you may be right. Where do other definition of __STDC__, presumably
>     #define __STDC__
> come from, your command line, i.e., -D__STDC__?

In my case, it comes from mingw's gcc. I have no idea where else it
may come from in the native build. What I do no know is that it is
possible for __STDC__ to be present but zero, but that probably only
happens on the more exotic platforms.

Best wishes,

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