[tex-k] libpoppler support in TeX Live source tree

Norbert Preining preining at logic.at
Tue May 5 14:46:46 CEST 2009

Hi Peter,

On Di, 05 Mai 2009, Peter Breitenlohner wrote:
> I have just committed r12934 with preliminary poppler support, and did a
> small test (on my notebook at home I got -DPOPPLER_VERSION=\"0.10.6\").

Great, thanks.

> (1) xpdfVersion undeclared: you certainly know to handle that one.

Well, that is what we need to replace with the POPPLER_VERSION from the

> (2) GString.h: no such file.

The includes in pdftoepdf.cc, pdftosrc.cc etc are all wrong.

I don't know what the preferred way is. I can prepare some patches that
		#include the poppler stuff
		#define GString GooString
		#include the xpdf stuff

> (3) xpdf/config.h: no such file.
> Maybe that should be poopler-config.h.

As above, #ifdef ... yes, it should be poppler-config.h

> (4) aconf.h: no such file.

Many more of he includes are wrong, I have a list what has to be

> It's now all up to you. I'd suggest that for a start you might use

Martin: What do you suggest? Should I prepare the above #ifdef patches?
Or do we imagine another abstraction level?

Another question is whether those patches will be included in the
current pdftex/luatex/xetex dev trees?! Luatex I think so, pdftex no
idea, xetex I guess JK will accept.

Best wishes


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