[tex-k] FW: powerdot on linux

Ivailo Partchev ivailo.partchev at uni-jena.de
Tue Oct 27 09:49:15 CET 2009

I have a new laptop with a 16:9 display, running ubuntu 9.04 x64 and
texlive 2008. 
The PS produced from powerdot automatically adjusts to fill the screen.
ps2pdf ends up with a landscape slide on a portrait page, truncated to
the right.

It seems that the following script, used instead of ps2pdf, solves the

-sDEVICE=pdfwrite -c "<</Orientation 3>> setpagedevice" -c .setpdfwrite 
-f $1.ps

The dimensions, 792 and 445, may be different, and have to be taken from
%%BoundingBox line found near the beginning of the PS file

Ivailo Partchev
Jena, Germany

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