[tex-k] Question about TeXlive install on Windows

Norbert Preining preining at logic.at
Tue Feb 2 06:24:52 CET 2010

Hi Andrew,

On Mo, 01 Feb 2010, Andrew Komornicki wrote:
> This is a question about the TeXlive installation. 

Then please direct this question at
	texlive at tug.org
which is the right place.

> Back in Sept 2008 I installed TeXlive 2008 on my new Windows XP laptop. All 
> went well, I did some minor changes to the installation and have used this 
> ever since. 

Nice to hear.

>  I recently thought to check on possible updates to my system, so I invoked 
> the install script from the program menu.  This script stopped with the
> message that I could not reach one of the mirror sites.  After repeated
> attempts, I decided to download the (new) 2009 install zip file.  This one 
> appears to work, but it also wants to provide a brand new TeXlive installation. 

That is right. We do not provide updates to TeX Live 2008 anymore.
You can continue with using TL2008, or you install a new TL2009.

>  Can anyone educate me as to how this system works??  I am very happy with 
> the installation that I have, and do not want to start all over.  All that 
> I was looking for was a simple update/upgrade to my system. 

We are hoping that from 2009 on we can provide a way to update
between releases, but we cannot guarantee that.

Be reminded, that this has always been the case, that a new TL version
required a new installation. We hope to change that this year, but
don't hold your breath.

>  Is my understanding correct that the install-tl.bat script from 2008 no
> longer works?  

Right, if you want to install from the network you have to install
TL2009, there is no TL2008 (AFAIR) available as network installation

If you research in the texlive mailing list archives you will find pointers
how to upgrade your TL2008 manually to TL2009, but I cannot guarantee
that it works.

Best wishes

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