[tex-k] dvi2ps segfault based on bug in libkpathsea

Norbert Preining preining at logic.at
Tue Nov 9 15:04:00 CET 2010

Dear all, esp Karl,

Details can be found in Debian bug report 602566

dvi2ps dumps core on a simple dvi file on mipsel arch, quoting an
email in the bug report:
> The bug seems to come from libkpathsea5 and not from dvi2ps. It exists
> on all platforms (at least also on AMD64) but does not trigger a
> segfault. It comes from the kpse_set_suffixes function in the
> libkpathsea compatibility API which calls the kpathsea_set_suffixes
> function and passes to it its variable list of arguments. This operation
> is invalid in C.

In the bug report there is also a backtrace of the segfault and
two patches by Mathias Kende, quoting his email:
> The first patch duplicates some code in tex-file.c (approx. 15 lines),
> but is smaller and simpler. The second creates a helper function which
> reads properly a "va_list" list of arguments. Choose your preferred one.

I attach the two patches, both apply (with some fuzzyness) to current
sources in TeX Live.

What do others think?

Best wishes

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