[tex-k] Fwd: Re: [metapost] problem with 'dvips mproof'

Taco Hoekwater taco at elvenkind.com
Tue Mar 1 12:46:18 CET 2011

On 03/01/2011 12:37 PM, Stephan Hennig wrote:
> [moving to mp-implementors list]
> schrieb Taco Hoekwater:
>> On 03/01/2011 11:49 AM, Stephan Hennig wrote:
>>> PS: Taco, I had back-ported some of those 1.5 manual changes to the 1.2
>>> branch that I think are not in TL 2010, currently.  I'm not sure, but I
>>> think that were in shape for a TL update.  Could you please check and
>>> update the manual for MetaPost v1.2 in TL 2010 (if not done already)?
>> That was not done yet mainly because the manual belongs to version
>> 1.212 whereas texlive only has metapost 1.211. I never thought about
>> updating the manual only, but it is certainly possible.
> OK.  Will there be another release from the 1.2 branch?

Already done:


It is just not in texlive (yet).

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