[tex-k] texLive 2011 updmap problem

Norbert Preining preining at logic.at
Fri Sep 2 18:22:17 CEST 2011

Hi Dick

first of all, please stay on list. Private replies does not help anyone.

On Do, 01 Sep 2011, Dick Nickalls wrote:
> OK- this is news to me indeed. - I use Perl a lot and this TL application is the /only/ one where my version fails just now !

Really? Then you don't use Getopt often. I happen to use this construct
quite often.

> in fact my Perl version is v5.8.7 (2005)

You need 5.8.8 (AFAIR)

> I would  be glad if  TL could consider maintaining a BASH version  in parallel ---for a few years at least if possible - 

Sorry, but no. We will not continue maintaining a script just because
a few people prefer to run very old perl. You can even update *only*
Getopt::Long and it will work. I am not very much inclined to keep
backward compatibility for ages, not even latex  keeps it, even less
packages of latex.

> --certainly some rather detailed info on this aspect of TL's use of Perl ought to be made easily available on the TL  website etc, and in all the info with 2011 TL as well.

We will add a check in the updmap script and die early with a warning
that perl is too old and you need 5.8.8.

> perhaps some updated info could be posted on the TL website ?

As Reinhard wrote, there is no updated info.

> and also ? include a Perl status check in the  useful LTxcheck utility perhaps

Never heard of

> I forgot to ask you which is the minimum version of Perl required for TL 
>  Perl tools   used   gnu-Linux systems???

See above.

Best wishes

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