[tex-k] TeX Sources

Jay F Shachter jay at m5.chicago.il.us
Tue Sep 6 08:10:40 CEST 2011

Centuries ago, Nostradamus predicted that Norbert Preining would write on Mon Sep  5 18:05:20 2011:

> On So, 04 Sep 2011, Jay F Shachter wrote:
> > I am failing to compile TeX from source. The source is
> From *which* sources?
> The original sources are in web format, and it doesn't seem you are using
> them.

Well, yes, I am, actually.  But I am not compiling directly from them.
I am using the web2c system to generate C from the Pascal sources; I
thought that was how everyone did it, but apparently there is a
reimplementation of TeX that does not depend on Knuth's sources.

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