[tex-k] Adding new formats to kpathsea

Philip Kime philkime at kime.org.uk
Tue Sep 27 07:40:49 CEST 2011

  Nobody is doing this in the standard texmf tree yet. But they are
starting to do it via personal texmf path components which are picked
up by kpathsea via $BIBINPUTS etc. Looking ahead, it's likely that
biber will start to push some more modern format (it will always
support bibtex data format) which will make possible which the bibtex
format makes impossible. So a more generic top-level directory might
be a good idea in the long term. But, as I say, it's more likely in
the short-medium term that it's possible for people to put such things
in their personal tree or somewhere where one of the standard
environment variables point so that it can be found by kpsewhich.


On 27 September 2011 00:50, Karl Berry <karl at freefriends.org> wrote:
> Hi Philip,
> Where would .ris and .bltxml files be stored in a texmf tree?  Under
> bibtex/ris and bibtex/bltxml?  Is anyone actually doing this?  It's no
> particular problem to add, if it's useful.
> (BTW, granted "bibtex" is a misnomer here, it really just means "biblio"
> already, and I wouldn't be inclined to make another top-level directory
> just for this.)
> As for the .xml extension, that doesn't make sense, as you say.  There's
> no way to define a search path for it, since it could be anything.
> k

Dr Philip Kime

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