[tex-k] dvips: UniqueID not removed from all subsetted Type1 fonts

Christian Zietz czietz at gmx.net
Sun Sep 1 11:25:47 CEST 2013

Karl Berry schrieb:

> Can you please send your failing test case?
> Otherwise, we're just blindly hoping that Akira's fix actually solves
> your problem.  It probably does, but ...

The problem was reported by someone else in the German language news
group de.comp.text.tex. I'm not sure if I can redistribute his original
files. However, I created a minimalistic test case, which is available

When converting testcase.dvi by "dvips -Pdownload35 -j testcase" (in
order to ensure subsetted fonts), you can see that the UniqueID is
omitted for "Nimbus Sans L Bold" but not for "Nimbus Sans L Regular".

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