[tex-k] dvips: UniqueID not removed from all subsetted Type1 fonts

Christian Zietz czietz at gmx.net
Sun Sep 1 16:30:27 CEST 2013

Dear Akira,

> I attach a diff file testcase.diff between testcase.ps and testcase1.ps,
> which is created by the fixed dvips on windows. Is it ok?

Yes, the UniqueID is now removed from both subsetted fonts. I also
verified that this solves the original problem reported in
de.comp.text.tex, where Ghostscript would assume that fonts with the
same UniqueID but different subsets of glyphs were the same.

> BTW, config.ps in testcase.ps seems to be an old one.

It is the version currently shipped with MiKTeX, I think.

Best regards
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