[tex-k] epstopdf bug?

Reinhard Kotucha reinhard.kotucha at gmx.de
Thu Aug 20 01:06:39 CEST 2015

On 2015-08-19 at 09:47:03 -0700, Pavel Sanda wrote:

 > > You could report this to ghostscript at http://bugs.ghostscript.com/ 
 > > if you feel like it, and see what they say.  Akira's
 > Thanks everyone involved, the issue has been fixed now, see bug
 > http://bugs.ghostscript.com/show_bug.cgi?id=696152
 > It was also suggested that:
 > "In any event, I'd very strongly recommend removing the
 > PDFSETTINGS, if you (or the epstopdf people) require specific PDF
 > settings then they should be set individually, not in a block."
 > (Comment 4).

But Ken Sharpe also said:

 | > Is this the final answer or is my report still considered as a bug
 | > to be solved?
 | As I said in comment #4: "I'm aware there's a problem, it exists in
 | master also" so yes its a bug. It'll be addressed when I have time.

If this means that all the individual settings work properly but the
-dPDFSETTINGS option (which only bundles these settings) doesn't work,
it can't be too difficult to provide a fix.  I really hope that Ken
has some time in the near future.

As far as epstopdf is concerned, there is nothing to do because all
the settings can be set individually already.

  $epstopdf --help
  Options for Ghostscript:
    --gscmd=VAL        pipe output to VAL     (default: gs)
    --gsopt=VAL        single option for gs   (see below)
    --gsopts=VAL       options for gs         (see below)

Even if --pdfsettings is currently broken, I strongly recommend to
keep it.

As a maintainer of Ghostscript for Windows in TeX Live, I had to deal
with bugs in gs several times in the past.  Sometimes I've been asked
to skip a particular release due to known bugs and it also happened
that I had to revert to an older release.  But in all cases *known*
bugs had been fixed in the next release.

Pavel, I'm very grateful that you reported the bug and I'm very
confident that it will be fixed soon.

You said that Matlab's imagesec function currently doesn't work.
Removing -dPDFSETTINGS from epstopdf doesn't solve the problem.
The problem can only be circumvented if Matlab passes all the
individual PDF settings to epstopdf but I doubt that they are willing
to provide a workaround for a problem which most likely disappears
very soon.

Can you live with gs-9.01 for the time being and wait for a new
release of Ghostscript?

But by all means, epstopdf should *not* be changed.

Pavel, delivering a bug report to Ghostscript's bug tracker was by far
the best thing you could do.  There is no other reasonable solution.


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