[tex-k] [CWEB] Cleanup release 3.64ae

Andreas Scherer andreas_tex at freenet.de
Tue Feb 2 11:34:18 CET 2016

Hi Karl,

>     * The expanded 'ctangle.c' somehow doesn't match its origin 'ctangle.w';
> Looks to me like the web2c change file was applied.
I doubt that. The obvious changes – adding "#include <string.h>" and removing 
the "prototypes" – were _not_ done via a change file, because else "ctangle.c" 
would contain some "#line" statements refering to "ctangle.ch" (or similar).

>     https://github.com/ascherer/cwebbin
> Would you like to write an article for TUGboat about it?
Interesting idea. That would probably go under the header "software 
archaelogy" and not under "literate programming" or "software & tools". :o)


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