[tex-k] Bug in dvipdfmx with including eps

Igor Spectorsky spectorsky at mail.ru
Tue Jan 5 23:30:25 CET 2016


Many thanks for creating dvipdfm, I've been using this utility since 
about 1996. However, when installing Windows 10, I've faced thew problem 
translating the dvi with eps graphics. The utility reports like that: 
filtering file via command -->mgs.exe.....
I think I've recognized the place with bug: %o% in the command string 
for calling mgs.exe expanded into something like 
c:/users/myname/AppDataLocal/Temp//dvipdfm-x..... - there is double"/". 
  However, I couldn't find proper config option to eliminate one of "/". 
I suspect that this string is formed in .exe, and I think dpxfile.c is 
responding for that. However,  I'm afraid to change this rather 
complicated source code because it may lead to other error.
So, if it is possible, please help me to fix the problem.

Thanks in advance

PS My version of MiKTeX is from setup-2.9.5721-x64.exe

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