[tex-k] Win32 / Bug with TEXMFOUTPUT ?

Fabrice Popineau fabrice.popineau at supelec.fr
Fri May 27 07:40:15 CEST 2016


I wonder if there is a problem in Kpathsea with TEXMFOUTPUT at least under
BibTeX2HTML internally calls bibtex into some temp directory.

By default TeXLive set openout_any to 'p'. So, to be able to write files
outside of the current directory, we should set TEXMFOUTPUT to the target

C:\Home>kpsewhich --expand-var $TEXMFOUTPUT
kdebug:variable: TEXMFLOG = (nil)

which is done. Now, call BibTeX2HTML:

C:\Home>bibtex2html -a -nodoc -noheader -nofooter --style plain -d
-noabstract -nokeywords -debug c:/Home/Org/popineau/Publications-ATRL.bib
This is bibtex2html version 1.95, compiled on Thu Mar 25 11:24:11 RST 2010
Copyright (c) 1997-2010 Jean-Christophe Filli├ótre and Claude March├®
This is free software with ABSOLUTELY NO WARRANTY (use option --warranty)

Reading c:/Home/Org/popineau/Publications-ATRL.bib...ok (21 entries).
calling BibTeX...kdebug:variable: TEXMFLOG = (nil)
kdebug:variable: ent_str_size = 250
kdebug:variable: glob_str_size = 20000
kdebug:variable: max_strings = 35307
kdebug:variable: openin_any = a
kdebug:variable: openout_any = p

C:\Users\Fabrice\AppData\Local\Temp\bib2html8f6571.blg: Forbidden to open
for writing
I couldn't open file name
error 1 while running bibtex

TEXMFOUTPUT is not even looked for before refusing to open the out file.
If I set openout_any to 'a', then everything is ok.

Surely, bibtex should honor TEXMFOUTPUT ?

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