[tex-k] whitespace in updmap.cfg

moe12 at gmx.net moe12 at gmx.net
Fri Apr 7 04:11:31 CEST 2017

Hi there,

I recently ran into a problem compiling a latex document and got the
error message

mktexpk: don't know how to create bitmap font for eufm5

After reading bugreports on similar issues as well as
I found out that the problem was in /etc/texmf/web2c/updmap.cfg
What should have been the entry "Map euler.map" had additional
whitespace after "Map" and apparently updmap did not correctly recognise
this entry. (Removing the white space and running updmap/updmap-sys
solved the problem)

Now I don't know how this white space got there, since I certainly never
edited any related file. So maybe something went wrong during
installation (see below, for the packages I installed). Nevertheless, I
thought it might be worthwhile to consider making updmap accept
additional white space after the keyword "Map".

I installed the texlive-most package group from the main Arch
repository, containing the following packages

texlive-bibtexextra 2016.42278-1
texlive-bin 2016.41290-10
texlive-core 2016.42515-2
texlive-fontsextra 2016.42286-1
texlive-formatsextra 2016.41438-3
texlive-games 2016.39318-2
texlive-genericextra 2016.42435-1
texlive-htmlxml 2016.41841-1
texlive-humanities 2016.42509-1
texlive-latexextra 2016.42294-1
texlive-music 2016.41913-1
texlive-pictures 2016.42477-1
texlive-plainextra 2016.42258-1
texlive-pstricks 2016.42276-1
texlive-publishers 2016.42522-1
texlive-science 2016.42453-1

I don't know if the origin of the problem lies in the install scipt of
one of the packages or in any progam within one of the packages, since I
am not familiar with the whole installation procedure of the texlive system.

Either way, for me the problem is solved, but maybe it turns out to be
useful for anyone having similar issues,


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