[tex-k] config.xdvi

Hironobu Yamashita h.y.acetaminophen at gmail.com
Sun Aug 6 18:17:59 CEST 2017

Hi Karl,

> If you want to change the "make install" location to be /xdvi/, and Paul
> V agrees (or it could just be a local-to-TL tweak), that's fine with me.
> I agree it would be better to be consistent.

According to the commit message of r30339,
the decision of having config.xdvi in /xdvi/ seems local to TL,
so I guess reporting to Paul is unfavorable. If allowed, I will
commit directly to svn::Build.

xdvi/Makefile.am (l.206)
- dvipsconfdir = $(datarootdir)/texmf-dist/dvips/config
+ dvipsconfdir = $(datarootdir)/texmf-dist/dvips/xdvi

> Sorry, I don't want to move it in Master


Hironobu Yamashita

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