[tex-k] kpsewhich brace expansion question

Douglas McKenna doug at mathemaesthetics.com
Tue Dec 12 01:06:23 CET 2017

All -

What is the proper response of kpsewhich for the following invocation:

   kpsewhich -expand-braces=file{1,2,3,4}{.tex,.pdf}

I would have thought it would be a single string containing


or similar, but I'm getting just a simple


as the answer, which is the final element of what I expected.

   kpsewhich -all -expand-braces=file{1,2,3,4}{.tex,.pdf}

doesn't change anything, which I think makes sense, since the -all option doesn't apply to expansion tests.

I'm using the 2014 version of kpsewhich on an older Mac OS system.  Is this a bug that was fixed later?

If not a bug, then I guess there's something I don't understand about brace expansion or kpsewhich or both.


Doug McKenna

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