[tex-k] Allow epstopdf input.eps output.pdf ?

Ryo Furue ryofurue at gmail.com
Wed Jan 4 07:07:23 CET 2017

Dear epstopdf developer,

I wish epstopdf allowed this:

     epstopdf input.eps output.pdf

Currently it issues this error

    Error: Unknown option or too many input files

I've just found out the option --outfile= , but there are a lot of
Unix/Linux commands out there that already exhibits the same/similar

   mv orgname newname
   convert intput.jpg output.png
   pdftops input.pdf output.ps

so, it's easy to guess how these commands work, without ever
consulting their manuals.  (I'm sure I'll forget --outfile= in a

By the way, I was surprised that "-o outfile.pdf" works with epstopdf
.  It's not documented in "epstopdf --help" .

Best regards,


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