[tex-k] Allow epstopdf input.eps output.pdf ?

Karl Berry karl at freefriends.org
Thu Jan 5 01:17:35 CET 2017

    ho> This causes an ambiguity with a feature request like:
    ho> epstopdf input1.eps input2.eps

Sure, but since that's never been supported, we could decide now to
support epstopdf in.eps out.pdf as the (only) two-arg form, and never
support multi-arg inputs. Since obviously anyone who needs that must
have already dealt with it.

Although unlabeled arguments always have some level of ambiguity, I
confess I'm sympathetic to the request, having typed
  epstopdf in.eps out.pdf
plenty of times myself.

    ho> And `-o' will stop working, when a new option is
    added that starts with "o".

I think I'll add an explicit allowance for "o", so it can be used
reliably, and mention it in the help message. --thanks, karl.

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