[tex-k] Bug Report: TeX The Programm

Martin Ruckert ruckert at cs.hm.edu
Mon Jan 23 11:34:09 CET 2017


I found the following issues in Computers&Typesetting: Tex: The Program

- In section 256 on Page 107 line -12 (from the bottom of page)
  it reads
  Hash: array[hash_base..undefined_control_sequence - 1] of two_halves;

  Don Knuth claims to use Standard Pascal according to Jensen, Wirth
User manual and Report 1975. According to this standard, subrange types
  do allow constants but not constant expression. Hence, the "- 1" after
  "undefined_control_sequence" is not allowed.
  It is "necessary" to define a numeric macro.

- In the Index on Page 556, line 4 and 5,
  The entry "dirty Pascal" appears twice. Both lines should
  be merged into one entry.

Best regards
    Martin Ruckert

Prof.Dr.Martin Ruckert
Hochschule Muenchen - University of Applied Sciences
Department for Mathematics and Computer Science
Lothstrasse 64
D-80335 Muenchen

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