[tex-k] Length of Computer Modern TFM files

Karl Berry karl at freefriends.org
Fri Feb 9 19:44:40 CET 2018

Hi Heiko,

    with the exception of cmfi10.tfm and cmmi5.tfm, all the TFM files in
    the Computer Modern distribution (www.ctan.org/fonts/cm/tfm/) have an
    extra 0x00 byte at the end

Agreed that the extra byte is a bug. tftopl reports
  There's some extra junk at the end of the TFM file,
  but I'll proceed as if it weren't there.

I don't know where the TFM files currently on CTAN came from either
.. circa 1992, or quite possibly earlier. I don't think they should be
taken as canonical, because Knuth does not distribute them. (Perhaps it
would be better if he did, but he doesn't.) What's canonical is the
Metafont sources.

The cm*tfm files in TeX Live do not have the extra byte, so far as I can
see from a quick check.

I'll talk with CTAN and/or Knuth about how to proceed.  --thanks, karl.

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