[tex-k] Error in TeXbook: Trailing tabs don't typeset

Individual User usv299792458 at gmail.com
Fri Mar 9 01:48:46 CET 2018

Hi all,

I tested the new changes in TL 2018 in texmfmp.c

The result is pretty bad:

$ cat test.tex
\catcode9=12\relax% ASCII 9 is tab
.\ \ .\par%

$ cat -A test.tex
\catcode9=12\relax% ASCII 9 is tab$
.\ \ .\par%$

The dvi file reads:
.  .
.Ψ .

Where the Ψ character happens to be in slot \011, which is the code for TAB.

BTW, the object file names tex-tex-pool.o, tex-tex0.o and tex-texini.o
which are created during TeX build may be changed to tex-pool.o,
tex0.o and texini.o (because there is no point in this extra "tex-"
prefix and because analogous files for METAFONT do not have "mf-"


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