[tex-k] Untouch CWEB sources

Andreas Scherer andreas_tex at freenet.de
Tue Oct 30 07:49:05 CET 2018

> I remain unsure about what to do with cweb in general, that is,
> switching to your improved version. It is hard to find the energy.

A reasonable plan might be:

(A) Disect TL's *-w2c.ch and factor out CWEBBIN's *-ansi.ch. That's the
obvious connection point between the two sets of patches with the most

(B) Move CWB's *-output.ch from last in line to next to *-extensions.ch
and look what's useful/appropriate for TL; the *-translation.ch and
*-memory.ch stuff most likely is not.

I'll try to study TL's make/build infrastructure. AFAICS, the original
CWEB tarball is almost in its pristine state (apart from the
%s-changes), so merging and upgrading should be feasible.


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