[tex-k] (x)dvipdf(m(x)) invocation and default file suffix

andreas_tex at freenet.de andreas_tex at freenet.de
Tue Sep 18 09:53:01 CEST 2018

>> === configuring in web2c failed
> Yes, configure is still called in all dirs, but not the build process.
> You need fontconfig-dev installed.

Well, stacking "all" '--disable-XXX' options for './Build' somehow seems to circumvent this. I think I started with '--disable-web2c' at first and kept going with the other stuff from './configure --help' to speed things up. I'm pretty sure that 'fontconfig-dev' is not installed on my Linux box. For the time being I don't intend to dig into the texlive source tree any deeper, so I'm happy with the single updated executable.
Thanks again,Andreas
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