[tex-k] BIBINPUTS fails on Windows 10

Stefano Balietti futur.dorko at gmail.com
Wed Sep 26 22:51:28 CEST 2018


I have spent a few hours trying to setup bibtex on my Windows 10 laptop
with no success.

If I manually copy all my bibtex files inside my working directory (where
.tex is) everything works fine. However, I would like bibtex to source my
bibtex files from a central directory, as I have it on Ubuntu. So, I have
set the BIBINPUTS variable in Windows Environmental and or Account
variables. This solution is suggested here:


but had no success.

I use emacs Auxtex to write latex and the recommended solution (which works
on Ubuntu) is to add these lines to the .emacs file:

(setenv "BIBINPUTS" "c:\\Users\\stbaliet\\socialbib\\")
(setq reftex-use-external-file-finders t)
(setq reftex-external-file-finders
      '(("tex" . "kpsewhich -format=.tex %f")
        ("bib" . "kpsewhich -format=.bib %f")))
(setq reftex-bibpath-environment-variables

But it also does not work. Reftex seems to work fine, that is I can search
labels within the document, but when I compile it with the bibtex command I
get this error:

c:\Users\stbaliet\Dropbox\artex\writeup>bibtex --min-crossref=100 "draft17"
bibtex --min-crossref=100 "draft17"
This is BibTeX, Version 0.99d (TeX Live 2018/W32TeX)
The top-level auxiliary file: draft17.aux
The style file: biblatex.bst
I couldn't open database file draft17-blx.bib
---line 4 of file draft17.aux
: \bibdata{draft17-blx
I'm skipping whatever remains of this command
I found no database files---while reading file draft17.aux
Warning--I didn't find a database entry for "biblatex-control"
Warning--I didn't find a database entry for "daveni_hypercompetition_1994"
… more warnings

>From git-bash or cmd I can see that the BIBINPUTS variable is defined in
the terminal, but bibtex it simply does not work. It does not work within
emacs, outside in cmd shell, or in a git bash shell. Any idea?

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